Tips Before Choosing Insurance

These are tips for you before choosing Insurance. If you’re looking for something, we have some great information for you. Get started by reading | Tips Before Choosing Insurance – Financial knowledge is essential to determine strategy and choose financial products. The risk of joining an investment trend will inevitably undermine family protection and retirement readiness.

Financial planner and investment instructor Aliya Natasia advises before choosing an investment step and advises on the following setup. - Tips Before Choosing Insurance - Tips Before Choosing Insurance

Tips Before Choosing Insurance

First, decide on a budget about the amount of income and expenses.

The goal is to find a short -term distribution. Because you need to know the calculation of the monthly period. However, freelancers are advised to make weekly calculations due to volatile income streams.

“There is a one -year bonus period for employees. So, make sure where the biggest money is either up or down. This is what applies to financial strategy,” Aliya said at a webinar in Jakarta (21/5/2021).

Then the next step is to set the status of the emergency fund as a priority.

Because they illustrate the analogy of an aircraft, you usually need to be prepared for the need for an oxygen tank in an emergency. After saving yourself, save others.

“Insurance is designed to predict health and financial risks. Because we don’t know when the worst will happen. The distribution of the insurance budget is only known when there is a list of income and expenses, and it takes a long time to prepare.”

Meanwhile, FWD Insurance Indonesia, Ade Bungsu, Head of Operations, Food Show and Sharia, also mentioned that there are many insurance products being offered now. Hence, you need advice to choose the required one because there are many combinations of insurance products and benefits.

“So, we need to know what is required and how much can be paid. How about the financial loss if it happens?

This is necessary to estimate the amount of collateral or UP required. And determine how it can be paid monthly. This is the norm for determining insurance instruments.,” Ade explains on the same occasion.

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